Friday, March 21, 2008

News to share!!

If you'll head on over to MySketchWorld, you'll see my name listed under the card design team!! How cool is that?!?! I'm so looking forward to it! Lucy does great sketches and I can't wait to play along! Why don't you come join us and get inspired?!?!

Here is the sketch she provided for the DT call, along with the one I submitted.


Kazan said...

thanks for the sweet comments on my blog Kim - i see we used a similar theme :) It is going to be fun working together on MSW

Pearl said...

Wow this is such a witty card ! love it ! Great to see your work on your blog ! & that we'll be on the same team ! wahoo !

kimberlee said...

Hi Kim! My name is Kim too and I have a LO position on My Sketch World! Your sis Kristi told me that you got a card position (we work together at Scrap N Art) and I thought I'd stop in and say hello!! Congrats!

Sherry said... are such an awesome scrapper...!!!! I am sooo jealous!
Miss you !